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B.S. Dietetics, NESTA CPT


I’ve been active for as long as I can remember and am a firm believer that we should move our bodies in ways that feels good and brings us happiness. I think this is why I fell in love with sports at such a young age. Team sports helped me gain confidence, build friendships, and learn to push myself mentally and physically. 


After high school, I moved to San Francisco, where I played JC volleyball and pursued my degree in nutrition. I earned my BS in Dietetics and worked as a nutrition counselor after college, but missed the social and physical nature of being in a gym setting.


In 2013, my husband Mike created a beautiful personal training studio in the Marina district of San Francisco, Jigalin Fitness. It was a no-brainer when he asked me to join forces and help run our family business. I quickly earned my certification as a personal trainer and began coaching group classes, training individual clients, and providing nutritional guidance for those with weight loss and sports performance goals. Since then, I have worked with student and former athletes, pregnant and postpartum women, seniors, and members of the community looking to correct form and improve their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.


You can expect me to hold you accountable, create challenging workouts, and be there to support you no matter what. I’m here to help you reach your goals. Let’s do this!

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